Behind the Scenes: Recording an album

"Behind the Scenes": Recording a Studio Album

NEW VIDEOS from the studio takes of, "Frame of Mind," Album!:

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I'm proud to announce I've…

Being a musician during Covid19

So we are all experiencing Covid19 and it has heavily disrupted our lives like no other time I can remember being alive. Being a musician I've had all my gigs the last 2 months cancelled and I started looking to…


3D Preview of NEW album "Frame of Mind"

So I just sent my new album to replication the other day and when I was going through the process I came across the 3D Preview as it's a new feature with Discmakers. You can see what the album looks…



1. There are no shortcuts to songwriting! You just have to do it! The more you do it, especially consistently, the better you will get at it! 

2. You MUST BELIEVE you CAN write a song! 

3. Try starting with

UPDATE: "Frame of Mind" album almost complete!

Hey, just wanted to post an update on the progress of my album as I wouldn't be able to be where I am today with my album if it weren't for all my fans like you helping me make this…


National Anthem at MetLife Stadium 4/23/16

It was an honor to sing the National Anthem at MetLife Stadium yesterday and it was a GREAT experience! My ULTIMATE goal is to sing the anthem at this Stadium for a NY GIANTS football game in dedication to my…

NEW VIDEO--"Frame of Mind" 6 camera HD Shoot!

I just finished putting together the recording for the title track to my next album, "Frame of Mind." Here's the video:

Hope you like it as I recorded it in Canada while visiting my good friend and fellow musician,…