I just read a really great article on Robin Williams as he was one of my FAVORITE actors, if not my FAVORITE actor of all time. I REALLY loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" as it helped to shape my mind and how I think about life. It encouraged me to "chase my dreams" during a time when I was unsure about myself and unsure if I was capable of doing what I wanted to do in my life. I've always said it was one of my favorite movies ever and to be honest it STILL is! When I heard he had passed away and that he took his life I was in total shock as he was the last person I thought would do such a thing (and I've even cried more than once too), but like someone said, "Depression doesn't discriminate." Hearing all the stories of how giving and loving he was is truly awesome and it makes me want to help others more and be a better person all around! He was involved in a lot of charity work and his 3 biggest charities he worked with were:

1. St. Jude Children's Hospital
2. The Make a Wish Foundation
3. USO

He was such a genuinely loving person who loved to make people laugh and he gave of himself in hopes to make someone else's life better and to me that's one of the best gifts you can give this world. During a time where there is utter chaos with everything that is happening with cops being shot in cold blood over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and people really just losing their minds, let's remember Robin Williams' legacy! It was a LEGACY OF LOVE! What matters most is we lend a hand to our fellow man! So let's spread KINDNESS, spread JOY, spread LAUGHTER, and most of all spread LOVE to one another!!!

Here is my little tribute to Robin Williams and a canvas that I found that says it all, especially the last 2 words: CARPE DIEM!
(from Dead Poets Society)

...and finally the pic montage I put together in dedication to Robin Williams! May his soul R.I.P. You will be forever missed, but you are also forever LOVED!

...and finally a 1 min video tribute to Robin Williams!:


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