"A mix between Dave Matthews meets Clapton & Hendrix"


“Frame of Mind”
(Copyright © 2014 by Steven Archdeacon)
This life we lead, it’s goin’ fast
In the blink of an eye, it’s already the past
They’ll come a day, that we must go
Away from all, that we’ve grown to know
When memories, sneak out our eyes
It takes us to, a place we must realize
Our time is short, but our reach is wide
Through these words, we stay alive
     I try so hard
    To fight these demons trapped inside my head
               It’s a frame of mind, that we must find
               It’s a frame of mind, we build in time
               It’s a frame of mind, that we design
               It’s a frame of mind, we build in time……..it’s a frame of mind
We try to find, peace inside
A place where we, can go to hide
There comes a time, in everyone’s life
Where we choose, to start living right
      I try so hard
     To fight these demons trapped inside my head


“This Moment”
(Copyright © 2006 by Steven Archdeacon)
It doesn't matter what ya did last year, only matters what ya do this year!
If you see what you wanna be, just be sure to do it right!
If ya find yourself to be face down, just have faith in yourself
Today is just another day, it was meant to be this way 
           Ya gotta live your dreams tonight
           Ya gotta make it happen right
           Ya gotta do what you feel inside
           It's in this moment that we, we are truly alive!
In this life that we live today, just follow your heart and believe!
Right now only if ya choose to, you can follow your dreams
It's never too late to decide, you can follow your heart
If we all just come together, we can do it our own way!


“Paid the Price”
(Copyright © 2008 by Steven Archdeacon)
Why can’t we bring them home?
And keep them safe, never let them go
Our soldiers paid in blood
They’ve given back, to what we know and love
They’re fighting for the way of life we know
So we can live the life that we choose to live
We take for granted, take for granted
Take for granted…

          They’ve paid the price
          They’ve sacrificed
          Given their lives
          To keep hope alive
          They’ve paid the price
          For the stars and stripes
          Looked past the lies, Oh….They’ve
          Paid the price…….Paid the price again
          They’ve paid the, paid the price….

Their parents pray to God
Remembering, the little boy they know
Clenching his picture tight,
A mother’s wish to bring her baby home
They’re fighting for the way of life we know
So we can live the life that we choose to live
We take for granted, take for granted
Take for granted………..CHORUS


“It’ll always feel like yesterday”
(Copyright © 2008 by Steven Archdeacon)
This emptiness fills my soul
I can’t describe with words alone
The memories don’t seem so far
Though time moves on I’ll still feel the scars
I am ingrained in a picture frame  
The day has passed, but still remains….
             It’ll always feel like yesterday to me
             I can’t erase what my mind has already seen
             Yesterday’s gone, but tomorrow is yet to be
             It’ll always feel like yesterday to me
A legacy left behind
There comes a time for us all to find
A way to deal with the one you miss
Some things in life you just can’t forget


(Copyright © 2010 by Steven Archdeacon)
I’d like to tell a story
Of what my life’s about
Staring out the window
300 miles from home
I’ve got this vision in my head
Of what I’ve got to do
Life is what you make of it
So give it what you will
          Cause I Know
          That there’s a reason for this day
          And Virginia
          Is where I’m supposed to be right now
I feel this inspiration
It’s flowing through my soul
There’s this saying that I have
It’s time to really go for it
Throw caution to the side
Life is what you make of it
So give it what you will


“Everything about Yourself”
(Copyright © 2006 by Steven Archdeacon)
If someone walked the road you once walked upon
Would you want them to see what you once saw?
It's something time can only tell
If you could go back in time what would you change?
Would you do it over if you could?
It's something time can only tell
          Everything about yourself
          I say do ya really know it?
          Everything about yourself……yeah, yeah…
          Everything about yourself
          I say do ya wanna know it?
          Everything about yourself……yeah, yeah…..
If someone read a book about how you lived
Would it help them to understand their life?
It’s something time can only tell
If today was the last day you were alive
Would you be happy with yourself?




"Poem for Dad"
(Copyright © 2011 by Steven Archdeacon)
Life continues on even with all the sorrow
For what happened yesterday doesn’t doom tomorrow
People will come, people will go
But your true friends you will forever know
For one day we all shall die
And the people left behind will wonder why
There is a reason for everything and a time to grieve
That time has come and I guess it was his time to leave
So let’s remember the good times that make us smile
Because that will help get us through for a while
For Dad was Dad and we loved him no matter what
Especially when he acted like a nut
This loss hurts like being stabbed by a knife
But let’s not mourn his death, but rather celebrate his life
An ocean of tears have rolled down my face
But I know he’s in heaven and in a better place.

**Written for my father, Don Archdeacon, who died on Feb. 15th, 2008. May his soul rest in peace.
                                              ---Steven Archdeacon
“He planted a seed and watched us grow
He told us he loved us just so we know”

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“From Above”
(Copyright © 2011 by Steven Archdeacon)

The time we do have is ours
And we do with it what we choose
We battle through and pay our dues
It’s just a game that I won’t lose
Through my music I speak from my soul
To make a difference—that’s my goal.
Leaving behind a legacy of love
through my words I'll speak from above.


“A Tribute”
(Copyright © 2011 by Steven Archdeacon)
Here's a tribute to my fellow man
He who has suffered
He who has cried
He who knows the freedom of life
And knows that tomorrow is just another day.
Here's a tribute to my fellow man
He who has changed
He who knows loss
He who loves without condition
And sees the night just as clear as day.
Here's a tribute to my fellow man
He who has lasted the test of time
He who climbs the highest mountains
He who knows the sky is the limit
And he who is truly alive within!
Here’s a tribute to my fellow man
He who battles the fires of demons
He who knows life is precious
And he who protects that freedom!
Here’s A Tribute to my fellow man.


“As my eyes behold”
(Copyright © 2011 by Steven Archdeacon)
As my eyes behold what I see
Will my life one day set me free?
We all go after what we need
For this is the life we forever lead.
As time ticks away in our day
I think about what I truly want to say
For our vision is forever unseen
But these words hopefully speak what I mean.
As my eyes behold this world we exist in
I hope that my heart is free from what we call sin.
For our memories will always be imprinted in our brain
To remind us of the good times and to keep us sane.
As this future in front of me has yet to become real
This consequential life still seems so surreal.
For on this day I pray that I will always grow
For our life is precious as we all should know.


(Copyright © 2011 by Steven Archdeacon)
Coming to the end of the rope
All I see is nothing but hope
Closing a chapter in my life
And starting a new one til I die
Enjoying this journey from day to day
Knowing I’m living life my way
Writing words sets the mind free
And explains everything I see
Looking back into the past
Every moment will forever last
For life is just a journey in time
It’s a mountain we all must climb.


(Copyright © 2012 by Steven Archdeacon)
We all go through this thing we call life
And sometimes we wish the day away
It's in these times we must look within ourselves
And not forget the little child within with the big dreams
No one is perfect and sometimes you get knocked down
But it's how we deal with the setbacks that really matter!
How we learn, how we MOVE ON
How we become a better and stronger YOU
We must learn from our past
to create a better future
And as long as we are breathing
There will always be HOPE!


“Human race”
(Copyright © 2014 by Steven Archdeacon”
Doubts will often creep into your mind
But it’s all in God’s plan he designed
Testing our resolve and ability to endure
Guiding us in order to give us more
It’s about the journey we walk through
And finding purpose in whatever we do
Helping the world become a better place
By spreading LOVE to the human race.


“If I have any say”
(Copyright © 2013 by Steven Archdeacon)
I use these words to describe how I feel
Sometimes it's hard, but that's how I heal
Pen to paper, mind to soul
Leave a legacy, that's my goal
I live every day like it's my last
Leaving all the bad things in the past
Looking forward to the present day
I know I'll laugh if I have any say.


“My Angel”
(Copyright © 2012 by Steven Archdeacon)
As I think back throughout the years
You have given me wings to overcome my fears
You have shown me the way to succeed
And are a beacon of light indeed
You are my one and only mother
The one who loves me like no other
You are My Angel sent from above
You are My Angel to give me love

                                                      --Written for my Mom


"Keep writing! It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."